Beneficiaries of Social Welfare Progarmme’s inflation allowance reach 47,300 families: MoCD

The Ministry of Community Development (MoCD) announced that the number of beneficiaries of the inflation allowance, which includes food, water and electricity, and fuel subsidies, under the Social Welfare Progarmme of low-income citizens, have so far reached 47,300 families across the nation.

The subsidies underscore the keenness of the country’s leadership and government to provide low-income citizens with means of decent living.

The MoCD has approved the disbursement of the Fuel Subsidy through ADNOC Distribution since Mid-July and the Food Subsidies through LuLu Hypermarket since 5th August. Electricity and water subsidies will be paid to eligible categories for the inflation allowance in September. The eligibility criteria and eligible categories for the Water and Electricity Subsidies shall be the same as those for the fuel and food subsidies.

The value of the Food Subsidies is linked to the change in inflation rates for basic foodstuffs.

The Ministry of Community Development said the social welfare applications and related inquiries can be submitted through the ministry’s website ( and smart application. Registrations must be made using the UAE Pass or registration with the Emirates ID.

In early July, President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan directed the restructuring of the Social Welfare Progarmme of low-income citizens into an integrated programme, and doubling its funding from AED14 billion to AED28 billion.



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