“ Gentle Emirates News Network “

“ Gentle Emirates News Network “

A media and news company.. Our goal is to serve the country and our leaders. Our responsibility is to convey and deliver the vision and news of the United Arab Emirates to the local, regional and international community.
A variety of news and media services. We care about politics, different issues, studies etc.
The network is licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Youth, and a media member of the Dubai Press Club, Government of Dubai.

We have contributed to enhancing the country’s reputation through direct communication with the community, and it plays a role in spreading the government’s visions and aspirations, and the country’s values ​​and culture.

Clarification service Clarification in the news broadcast service around the clock in various fields, the latest version, the media broadcast service in the speed of social communication, represented in the speed of news and the spread of rumors that show exclusive news or information from reliable sources, a network that works hard to avoid these negative pitfalls through Verify the news received from our sources first, then from our official and unofficial sources, then we verify it through the authorities that are linked to the press release.

The news was published in the exclusive news publication, publishing pictures published by the Emirates News Agency.

Participation of the Ministry of Culture and Youth.



شبكة جنتل الإمارات الإخبارية خدمة إخبارية وإعلامية متنوعة، نهتم بالسياسة والقضايا المختلفة والدراسات والغرائب وكل ما يخص المجتمع المحلي والعالمي .

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